XMind 7 Pro 3.6.1 Build 2015 FULL Crack

XMind 7 Pro 3.6.1 Build 2015 FULL Crack









XMind 7 Pro 3.6.1 Build 2015 FULL Crack is the perfect mind-related tool to perform brainstorming and manage complex information. The new interface features bigger and clearer fonts and redesigned tab bars to deliver the best user experience ever. The Home Panel is another improvement in the latest version of XMind 7 Pro 3.6.1 license key. You can choose from different themes and templates. The welcoming interface allows you to easily and quickly open recent files, or create mind maps. Users can also convert mind maps to Gantt Charts, then add or modify those files to include other options such as priority, start/end date, work progress, and so many others.

Timeline is another feature than can help the user to track and display all sorts or events happened around certain time in a chronological order. XMind 7 Pro 3.6.1 Crack is very useful for those people that need to take notes and write down sudden thoughts on the fly, without the need for paper and pen. Because we know the best ideas are the ones that come suddenly and can be forgotten in a blink of an eye. How many times did you get a great idea, just to find out that you don’t have a paper and ink on you to take a note.

Install notes:
The installation file downloaded from the manufacturer of the program – checksums:
CRC32: A20871DF
MD5: F19649C0DEE1F4BF1630DA24F37424E9
SHA-1: 4EFCCD41A3630649F83B3BF8F5D824A88DAE4424

– Install, do not run
– Contents of the folder “Crack” to copy the default C: / Program Files (x86) / XMind / plugins
– Run the program

– Under “Help” -> “License”
– In the lower right corner of the “Enter License Key”
– “Email Address” enter what you want
– “License Key” such as the file “Serial.txt”
– Click on the “Verify” -> “Close”
– Close the program, run the program again
– Enjoy XMind 7 Pro 3.6.1 with serial key


Download XMind 7 Pro 3.6.1 Build 2015 FULL Crack

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  1. Tom Santos says:

    thank you very much…

  2. Marcio de Almeida says:

    Serial is not right. Do you have other ?

  3. kk says:

    hi, shark, I came across this problem: installed w/instruction- successfully activated w/SN- automatically back to unregistered version, I tried installing another time, same problem

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