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Platinum Hide IP + Patch









Platinum Hide IP + Patch is a software designed to give you full anonymity when surfing the web. This cracked free version will allow you to be on the web with all your traces covered, so nobody can spy on you or see your online activity. Platinum Hide IP 3.4 full has been the standard when it comes to internet security because of its effectiveness and easy of use. Platinum Hide IP + crack will keep you safe from all online threats, and that includes: hackers, identity thieves, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the government. Don’t let any one know your business, because it is after all “your” business.

Platinum Hide IP Final Serial number comes with many interesting features, and they are as follows: The ability to make yourself anonymous while you are on the web, with no traces left to track you down. You will be issued a new IP from many countries of your choice, this will also be very useful if you can’t access a blocked content or website in your original country. You can also set this feature to random IP, and this will basically will keep you jumping from an IP to another, so you don’t have to stay on the same IP for so long. Protecting your identity from theft is also a major issue in this modern world, where some one can hack into your computer steal your sensitive data, such as Credit card, Social security, Banking details and use them to make purchases online and even take loans on your name, which will result in your credit score being ruined, and we all know it takes years for this to be healed.

With Platinum Hide IP keygen you will also be able to send anonymous emails using email providers such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, and you won’t be tracked, due to using a fake IP and proxy. If you are banned from a website or a forum,  Platinum Hide IP 3.4 will allow you to come back and participate in that community like nothing happened, and no one will be able to link you to the previous ban. Conclusively, this software is designed for those people that value and appreciate something called Privacy and Freedom, so don’t let yourself restricted and limited to what your ISP wants you to do, and enjoy your complete internet freedom!


1. Unpack and install the program
2. Don’t run
3. Run patch as Admin
4. Patch main exe.
5. Done!


Download Platinum Hide IP + Patch

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