Rough Draft 1.5 Full Mac Os X

Rough Draft 1.5 Full Mac Os X









Rough Draft 1.5 Full Mac Os X is a great draft app that will allow the user to focus on writing more and worry less about the mistakes that might occur in the writing process. This is the latest version and also comes with crack and serial key. It is not necessarily a replacement to your existing text editor or writing process. When you finish your rough draft and are ready to revise or publish, your draft exports clean with no strikeouts.

In addition to strikeouts Rough Draft features:

Placeholders – These are simple tags for where a picture might go later. Stay focused and avoid searching for or creating pictures, videos, quotes, charts, or supporting content. Give supporting elements the focus they deserve later, focus on your writing now.

Dark Mode & Settings – Simple settings to adjust the writing experience to fit you. Whether you want to start with a blank white sheet or get lost in the dark.

Draft Management – A complete file management system. There’s no need to manage folders in the finder. Additionally, with the upcoming iPhone and iPad versions of Rough Draft, syncing across all your devices will be effortless.

Writing Prompts – For those times when you feel like writing, but aren’t sure what to write.

Clean Export – On export all? strikeouts are stripped from your draft. Direct export to Medium is also included.

Along with many more subtle features to support your writing flow.

Download Rough Draft for free and experience it for yourself.

New Features in version 1.5

Rough Draft 1.5 Full version for Mac comes with the following improvements:

– publishing to our small rough drafts community only RoughDrafts, where you can publish with all your strikethroughs and it’s clear that what you wrote is “just a rough draft.”
– a new theme for people with dyslexia. We had a writer mention that her doctor’s father recommended yellow backgrounds with navy blue text for comprehension. So we read up on it and added that in too.

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


Download Rough Draft 1.5 Full Mac Os X

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