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Latest Comments
  1. Ahmed Lotfy

    Thanks for all good efforts you do ..

  2. teddy


  3. Guddu Mks

    U r site is very nice. ..

    Upload some softwares

    Eg…psd png design. ..photoshop. etc

    More mac os iso…

    • admin

      There are many DMCA-related issues with Adobe products such as Photoshop, but we will try to upload it for you as soon as possible.

  4. Mukesh Soni

    Plz upload pinnacle 18 vpp edition


    And much more plugings

  5. praveen

    asking password to extarct
    Autodesk Maya 2015 Full Version + Crack
    file, please tell me the password

    • admin

      The password can be found right below the download link. The password is


      password is:

      • praveen

        it is incorrect password


          it is the correct password, try to type it in instead of copying and pasting it. You might have included the space in the beginning of the password.

  6. MisterX

    Thank you so much for all the uploads, what more can one ask for?

  7. MisterX

    Thank you so much for all the uploads, What more can one ask for?

    • admin

      You are very welcome! Enjoy

    • Matthew Kinsella

      How did u replace the .exe and or .dll? cuz I dont understand what it wants u to do.

  8. Nicky

    how to solve this problem?

  9. Philippe Bouqué

    Hello, installing Website X5 and i could’nt found “imResister.exe” …. Can you help me ???

  10. mariano

    Hello, I installed NaturalReader , but I have to reinstall every time I have to use , does not start the second time. Is it a problem with my PC?

  11. Blessing Phiri

    hie i need the password for the rar file

    • admin


  12. kiru

    what is the password for zipfile? Password 1234 not working

  13. Tinu Mathew

    Dear sir i am very happy with your website . Sir i have a request ,any
    chance to get full version of ( Preset Viewer
    Argus or Preset Viewer Breeze) if any chance please consider my request.
    kindly i request to admin.

  14. Shoaib Ahmed

    Sir can you please give me this softwere crack <3

  15. silfredo

    how to open the zip

  16. silfredo

    how to open the zip of a doanload of studio one 3.2

  17. Monir Computer

    plz help me Corel.VideoStudio.Ultimate.X9.v19.1.0.12.x86.part1 password?

  18. Monir Computer

    plz help me

  19. Monir Computer

    plz help me how to open the zip of a Corel.VideoStudio.Ultimate.X9.v19.1.0.12.x86.part1 dawnloard password?

  20. Kumar Idesh

    please upload ikeymonitor full version

  21. Vishay

    Pensoft Payroll cracks are not working -tried both methods…PLEASE PLEASE HELP

  22. Prabath Abesekara


    When I tried to download some software form Shark site, after download its becoming a one file like malware. I have attached pic of it.

    Please help me.

  23. Cyd

    Hey there is downloaded the crack for iZotope 7..but am failing to understand the instructions on how to install it. Please give me an easy step by step guide for installing it on a 32bit windows

  24. Idesh Kumar

    please upload cubase pro 8.5 with keygen

  25. Hype Ade

    i need help on how to install Waves Complete v2016.07.11 VST Full Crack. pls. i really don’t understand the instruction.

  26. Armandozeneli

    how is pass please

  27. Armandozeneli


  28. Paras Sahdev

    can i please have the product key of window 10 pro edition ?

  29. Stephanie Davis Shaw

    I am just now seeing your website, and I already started the trial period, once trial period is complete will I be able to download>

  30. Stephanie Davis Shaw

    download articulate??


    FL Studio 12.1 Signature Bundle Full + Crack
    this is 403 not found


    please do something

  33. dippy sippy

    downloading changed no matter how much I click on download the file is too small. please advise…do we have to us utorrent

  34. abhishek

    please upload lumion 7 pro

  35. Chris

    Hi thank you for the effort and the works you are doing. I downloaded serato dj but it’s not detecting my mixtrack pro 2.what can I do?

  36. mayur

    plz add soon as possible
    Adobe lightroom software with crack

  37. Mr.Gnef

    Hello, can you crack new version of Clean My Mac? Because 3.3 doesn’t support SierraHigh version of MacOS.

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